How to make a Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) environment easily with LeoPalace-21 Residences.

July 28, 2013 - 7:20 PM

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This entry is about the Internet situation of LeoPalace-21 residences.

There is  a service named LeoNet that LeoPalace offers to its residents. Internet connection service is included in it.

The internet connection service costs ¥1,600 per month. We can use upon entering the room.

It’ a good service, but there is one terrible problem.

We have to use a Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet.

This means we cannot connect our iPhone and MacBook Air, which do not have Ethernet ports,  to the Internet.

But the item called Chibi Fi 2 can solve it.  It is a wonderful item to us to convert the LAN cable to wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)  .

Thanks to this one, I can connect my MacBook Air, iPhone and 2 units of iPad to the Internet through Wi-Fi.

Setup is simple.

We can connect our gadgets to the Internet by selecting Wi-Fi and entering password which is on the unit.

However, I think changing the passwords is good for security. Initial passwords are so easy to guess.

The management screen where you change the password can be accessed by entering the IP address, which is on the unit, to the URL box of the browser you use.

The default user name and password is asked to enter. These are on the unit too.

You have to change 2 passwords on the screen.

First, change the password to enter the management screen.

Select the “Administration” tab, select “Setup Wizard”> “Password” from the left side menu.

Then set a new User Name and Password in it. After that click the “Apply change” to save the changes.

MZK UE150N  6

How to change the password for the Wi-Fi connection is as followed.

Select the “Wireless” tab, select the “Security” from the menu on the left side. And set the new password at the bottom of main screen “Pre-Shared Key”.

Finally, you can click the “Apply Changes” button at the upper part of the page, along “Select SSID”. (It’s a little difficult to find.)

MZK UE150N  7

Congratulations!! Now your Wi-Fi is safe enough.

If the changes are not reflected well, plug the Chibi-Fi directly into the USB port of your computer and try to change again.

At last let’s deal with the power source. The Chibi-Fi gets its power from a USB port. So if you don’t have USB port near Chibi-Fi, you have to prepare it.

Here is the example.

I think this 2-port one is enough for most of you. In my case, I’m using the 4-port one because I have some gadgets to charge.

That’s it. Now you can enjoy the Internet in your room. Though I’m using the Internet heavily by watching movies on Hulu and listening the Internet Radios, the connection is stable and comfortable.

Please enjoy the Internet with LeoPalace Residence.



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