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Daily Life

The Items I Threw away in 2013

Here is the ranking of the items that I threw away to make my life more convenient.

-The 5th- Pillow

Pillows 85821 1280

I often change my address.  When I pack up my goods, the pillow takes a much space. This is why I threw it away.

Instead of using a pillow, I’m using a big towel as a pillow. I can change its size and height freely and it doesn’t take a space. Very good.

The 4th- Bar of the wiper


I used to use sheets to wipe the floor with a long bar. But the bar is a little difficult to store,  then I threw it away.

Now I’m using the sheets by hand and I can clean the corner easily. Good.

The 3rd- TV


I don’t watch TV often, but sometimes I want to watch sport live broadcastings.

Then I bought the GaraponTV which records all TV programs. I can watch the programs through my iPad, iPhone or laptop.

The TV device is no use anymore.

The 2nd- Scanner (ScanSnap S1500)


This device had been helping me so long time. I can throw away lots of books and documents because of this scanner.

But these days I read books by the Amazon Kindle. So I merely scan books. This is why I don’t need the scanner anymore.

Also, I can scan by my iPhone as well.

The 1st- Rice Cooker

Rice cooker

Lastly the Rice Cooker.

This doesn’t mean I don’t eat rice. Nowadays I cook rice by a microwave with the item below. This is  so useful.

Also, I threw away the clothes for the winter season.


Because I moved to Okinawa Island last year, I don’t need these clothes any more. I love warm place!


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Daily Life

Separate Thinking from Actions


What I am considering from the beginning of this year is to separate thinking from actions.

After moving to Okinawa Island in last July, I have too much freedom. I can choose time, place, things to do and how to do it.

Of course it’s a good situation. But in that situation, I always have to think about when, where, what and how. Then I often waste time  to think about that. That’s a problem.

The answer to solve this problem is to separate thinking from actions.

This means I should finish free thinking before making actions so that I can focus on making actions in the action phase without thinking.

I know unexpected things occurs often and I have to think when it occurs. But next time, I try to forecast the accident in advance and reduce thinking during making actions.

I hope this way make my actions faster.



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Daily Life Okinawa

I moved from Tokyo to OKINAWA island.

2013-07-03 11.00.02








As the title said, I just moved to OKINAWA Island. It’s the most south east part of Japan.

Now I live in Chatan-Town in Okinawa Island. It takes 30mins by car from the center of Naha city.

I came to Okinawa on 2nd of July and started apartment-hunting. Then I found a good room and began new life there on 9th of July.

The reason I chose Okinawa is the beautiful ocean there. Also,
– House rent is cheaper than Tokyo.
– Winter in Okinawa is not so cold.
– There is no hay fever.
are the other reasons.

I’ve been thinking about moving to Okinawa for some years. And I feel “This is the time to go.”.

Actually the isolated island “Miyako Island” is the other alternative. But Okinawa Island is better in accessibility and environment for me.

The reasons I chose Chatan-Town are
– There is a co-working space named Creator’s Residence.
– There are good beaches.
– It’s not far from Naha-City.

The most important reason is the co-working space. Since I cannot do any work at home, the working space is necessary for me.

The new room belongs to Leopalace-21. It has a set of furniture. Since I dumped all of my furniture when I went on a three month trip for South East Asia last year, I have no furniture now. It’s not smart to buy furniture again. Then I chose the furnished room.

The new room is so comfortable. I will make other entries about that.

Please let me know when you would come to Okinawa.


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