How to Scan Books by iPhone without Breaking Books


I’m going to introduce how to scan books by an iPhone without breaking books.

There is a specialized device to scan books without breaking them as below. But we can do it just with an iPhone.

富士通 ScanSnap SV600 FI-SV600

All we need is just an iPhone.


1. Take photos of each page by using the interval shooting function of the camera App “ProCam

2. Convert the photos to PDF with scanner App “CamScanner for Nakabayashi”


– A scanner is unnecessary. We can do it just with an iPhone.
– We don’t have to break our books.
– We can scan anywhere we like.


– Letters on each page will be light-distorted.
– It takes about 10minutes to scan one book.
– OCR doesn’t work.


Here is what we need and the procedure to scan.

What We Need

– Table
– Chair
– Books to adjust the height


– ProCam(¥100 / as at 2014.1.16)


posted with ポチレバ

CamScannerfor Nakabayashi(Free / as at 2014.1.16)


Configure the ProCam

– Proceed to SET->PHOTO->Interval. Set the interval of shooting. At first, 4seconds is good for you. 2seconds is better after you get practiced.

2014 01 16 08 55 09

2014 01 16 08 56 02

– Set the shooting mode to the Interval shooting. Then set the aspect ratio, image quality and ON/OFF of flash. I usually use ratio=4:3, quality =Medium(3MP), flash=ON.

2014 01 16 10 32 12

2014 01 16 08 58 26


Configure CamScanner for Nakabayashi

– From “…” at the bottom right corner, proceed to Settings -> Enhancement Setting -> Auto Processing. Here you can set Crop and Color Mode. I usually use “Do not Crop” and “Grayscale”. Cropping doesn’t work well when I tried. Of course you can choose “Original” color, but it takes lots of space to save.

2014 02 13 11 55 151

2014 02 13 11 55 22

2014 02 13 11 55 27

2014 02 13 11 55 39


– Put the book you want to scan on the chair and put the iPhone on the table with its lense side down. Launch the ProCam and adjust the location, height and zooming. Putting the iPhone on the corner is a good idea to avoid taking the desk inside photos.

2014 01 16 09 05 59

2014 01 16 10 24 14

– Launch ProCam. Choose the Interval shooting mode.

2014 01 16 09 01 21

– Show the contents of books on the screen. Tap the middle of screen to fix its focus there.

2014 01 16 10 25 10

– Press the shutter button to begin shootings. Flip pages after each shooting.

– Shooting after shooting. When you missed to flip a page, you should put your hand inside the photo so that you can skip it easily when you choose photos to convert to a PDF file.

2014 01 16 09 08 04

– After shooting all pages, press shutter button to stop shooting.

Convert Photos to a PDF file

– Launch CamScanner and tap the picture icon at the bottom.

2014 02 13 11 54 59 copy

– Select photos to convert. You should skip the failure photos here. The select order will be the page order of PDF. This means if you select photos with wrong order, you have to reselect it with the correct order.

2014 02 13 12 07 30

– After selecting the photos, tap “Done” at the top right corner. Then converting will begin. If the iPhone gets into the sleep mode during the converting, it will stop temporarily. To avoid the stop, tap the screen with some interval or set the auto lock to “Never”.

2014 02 13 12 07 38

2014 02 13 12 08 43

After the conversion, tap the “new doc” at the top. Choose “Landscape” at PDF direction and “Auto FIt” at The page size of PDF. You can also enter the title of it here.

2014 02 13 12 08 43

2014 02 13 12 15 43

2014 02 13 12 15 51

– Tap “Back” at the top left and proceed to  “->PDF”. You can choose the way to send the PDF file. I always use the Dropbox. Congratulations! You’ve done all the procedure.

2014 02 13 12 09 37

2014 02 13 12 09 44

This is the way to scan a book without breaking it.

Enjoy your scanning.



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Daily Life

The Items I Threw away in 2013

Here is the ranking of the items that I threw away to make my life more convenient.

-The 5th- Pillow

Pillows 85821 1280

I often change my address.  When I pack up my goods, the pillow takes a much space. This is why I threw it away.

Instead of using a pillow, I’m using a big towel as a pillow. I can change its size and height freely and it doesn’t take a space. Very good.

The 4th- Bar of the wiper


I used to use sheets to wipe the floor with a long bar. But the bar is a little difficult to store,  then I threw it away.

Now I’m using the sheets by hand and I can clean the corner easily. Good.

The 3rd- TV


I don’t watch TV often, but sometimes I want to watch sport live broadcastings.

Then I bought the GaraponTV which records all TV programs. I can watch the programs through my iPad, iPhone or laptop.

The TV device is no use anymore.

The 2nd- Scanner (ScanSnap S1500)


This device had been helping me so long time. I can throw away lots of books and documents because of this scanner.

But these days I read books by the Amazon Kindle. So I merely scan books. This is why I don’t need the scanner anymore.

Also, I can scan by my iPhone as well.

The 1st- Rice Cooker

Rice cooker

Lastly the Rice Cooker.

This doesn’t mean I don’t eat rice. Nowadays I cook rice by a microwave with the item below. This is  so useful.

Also, I threw away the clothes for the winter season.


Because I moved to Okinawa Island last year, I don’t need these clothes any more. I love warm place!


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Daily Life

Separate Thinking from Actions


What I am considering from the beginning of this year is to separate thinking from actions.

After moving to Okinawa Island in last July, I have too much freedom. I can choose time, place, things to do and how to do it.

Of course it’s a good situation. But in that situation, I always have to think about when, where, what and how. Then I often waste time  to think about that. That’s a problem.

The answer to solve this problem is to separate thinking from actions.

This means I should finish free thinking before making actions so that I can focus on making actions in the action phase without thinking.

I know unexpected things occurs often and I have to think when it occurs. But next time, I try to forecast the accident in advance and reduce thinking during making actions.

I hope this way make my actions faster.



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How to make a Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) environment easily with LeoPalace-21 Residences.

Wifi 41193 640

This entry is about the Internet situation of LeoPalace-21 residences.

There is  a service named LeoNet that LeoPalace offers to its residents. Internet connection service is included in it.

The internet connection service costs ¥1,600 per month. We can use upon entering the room.

It’ a good service, but there is one terrible problem.

We have to use a Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet.

This means we cannot connect our iPhone and MacBook Air, which do not have Ethernet ports,  to the Internet.

But the item called Chibi Fi 2 can solve it.  It is a wonderful item to us to convert the LAN cable to wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)  .

Thanks to this one, I can connect my MacBook Air, iPhone and 2 units of iPad to the Internet through Wi-Fi.

Setup is simple.

We can connect our gadgets to the Internet by selecting Wi-Fi and entering password which is on the unit.

However, I think changing the passwords is good for security. Initial passwords are so easy to guess.

The management screen where you change the password can be accessed by entering the IP address, which is on the unit, to the URL box of the browser you use.

The default user name and password is asked to enter. These are on the unit too.

You have to change 2 passwords on the screen.

First, change the password to enter the management screen.

Select the “Administration” tab, select “Setup Wizard”> “Password” from the left side menu.

Then set a new User Name and Password in it. After that click the “Apply change” to save the changes.

MZK UE150N  6

How to change the password for the Wi-Fi connection is as followed.

Select the “Wireless” tab, select the “Security” from the menu on the left side. And set the new password at the bottom of main screen “Pre-Shared Key”.

Finally, you can click the “Apply Changes” button at the upper part of the page, along “Select SSID”. (It’s a little difficult to find.)

MZK UE150N  7

Congratulations!! Now your Wi-Fi is safe enough.

If the changes are not reflected well, plug the Chibi-Fi directly into the USB port of your computer and try to change again.

At last let’s deal with the power source. The Chibi-Fi gets its power from a USB port. So if you don’t have USB port near Chibi-Fi, you have to prepare it.

Here is the example.

I think this 2-port one is enough for most of you. In my case, I’m using the 4-port one because I have some gadgets to charge.

That’s it. Now you can enjoy the Internet in your room. Though I’m using the Internet heavily by watching movies on Hulu and listening the Internet Radios, the connection is stable and comfortable.

Please enjoy the Internet with LeoPalace Residence.



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Daily Life Okinawa

I moved from Tokyo to OKINAWA island.

2013-07-03 11.00.02








As the title said, I just moved to OKINAWA Island. It’s the most south east part of Japan.

Now I live in Chatan-Town in Okinawa Island. It takes 30mins by car from the center of Naha city.

I came to Okinawa on 2nd of July and started apartment-hunting. Then I found a good room and began new life there on 9th of July.

The reason I chose Okinawa is the beautiful ocean there. Also,
– House rent is cheaper than Tokyo.
– Winter in Okinawa is not so cold.
– There is no hay fever.
are the other reasons.

I’ve been thinking about moving to Okinawa for some years. And I feel “This is the time to go.”.

Actually the isolated island “Miyako Island” is the other alternative. But Okinawa Island is better in accessibility and environment for me.

The reasons I chose Chatan-Town are
– There is a co-working space named Creator’s Residence.
– There are good beaches.
– It’s not far from Naha-City.

The most important reason is the co-working space. Since I cannot do any work at home, the working space is necessary for me.

The new room belongs to Leopalace-21. It has a set of furniture. Since I dumped all of my furniture when I went on a three month trip for South East Asia last year, I have no furniture now. It’s not smart to buy furniture again. Then I chose the furnished room.

The new room is so comfortable. I will make other entries about that.

Please let me know when you would come to Okinawa.


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